The State Of Divorce In The US

By Nanda Davis on
The State Of Divorce In The US

6 Surprising (But True) Divorce Statistics

“Fifty percent of all U.S. marriages end in divorce,” is a popular statistic that has alarmed many young couples. However, you might be surprised to learn that statistic isn’t necessarily accurate. Thanks to a variety of recent surveys and polls, we have a better idea of what marriage and divorce looks like for U.S. adults in 2016.

Here are six divorce statistics that will give you hope, or perhaps surprise you.

Divorce Rates Have Dropped in the Last 20 Years

Shocking, right? Divorce rates peaked in the 1980’s and since the 2000’s the rate has been decreasing. If this trend continues, around 2/3 of all marriages will actually not end in divorce, according to the New York Times.

2/3 of Divorces Are Initiated by Women

According to a recent study published by Michael Rosenfeld, associate sociology professor at Stanford University, women initiate nearly 70 percent of all divorces. In his analysis, Rosenfeld suggests women are more likely to express concerns over the quality of the marriage than men.

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree Can Lengthen Your Marriage

If you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, you have a better likelihood of a long lasting marriage, as reported by The Washington Post. Approximately 29 percent women and 28 percent of men that have their bachelor’s degree report being divorced compared to 37 percent of women and 39 percent of men that have a high school education or less.

Employment Keeps Love Strong

Money problems are never easy on a marriage. According to statistics, 38 percent of employed females and 32 percent of employed males get divorced, compared to 43 percent of unemployed females and 42 percent of unemployed males.

Married Couples in the South Are More Likely To Divorce

According to a recent census from the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 10.2 percent per 1,0000 men polled and 11.1 percent per 1,000 women polled initiated divorce in the Southern regions of the U.S. compared to national averages of 9.2 percent of men and 9.7 percent of women initiating divorce.

Nevada Has the Highest Divorce Rate in the Nation

Many people make a quick trip to sin city to get married, however this may not be in their best interest as Nevada has the highest divorce rate in the nation with 45.6 percent of the state being married and 14.6 percent of the population being divorced.