Child Protective Services

There is nothing more terrifying that having your child, or a child you love, under investigation by the Department of Social Services or Child Protective Services (DSS or CPS). If this is happening to you, then you need the immediate help of attorney familiar with how DSS and CPS handle claims of abuse and neglect, to guide you through the process, and to fight for your right to keep the child in your home.

I offer specialized full service representation of parents, or relatives, of a child or children with open cases with DSS and CPS. I use the help of experts, such as child therapists and doctors, to dispute claims of abuse and neglect. I look for clients who are emotionally and financially committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep the child in their home, including making changes in their lifestyle, paying fees necessary for expert testimony, and understanding that this can be a long and difficult process.

I limit the DSS and CPS cases I take on to just a couple per year because events transpire quickly in these cases, and if there is a new claim of abuse, or new protective order issued, then I am available to immediately take action to protect the rights of my clients. I also make time for all emergency hearings, as well as all meetings clients have with social workers, police, and other officials.

I represent individuals in the following types of child protective services cases:

  • Child Abuse and Child Neglect
  • Foster Care
  • Removal of Children from Homes
  • Safety Plans
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Relative Placement
  • Child Protective Orders

Do not wait to hire an attorney. While DSS and CPS play a crucial role in our society, they have tremendous power and the more time that goes by, the harder it is to protect your rights. Contact us today for help with your child protective services case.