Physical and Emotional Abuse

If you are the victim of physical or emotional abuse, you know that the thought of leaving your abuser is terrifying.  Your abuser may have threatened to hurt you if you try to leave. Perhaps you have tried to leave before, and it didn’t work. Perhaps you rely on your abuser financially. Maybe the police have come out before, but you didn’t feel like they provided the help you expected. Maybe you have children together. Maybe he hasn’t actually harmed you, but he has destroyed furniture or hurt your pets in fits of rage. Maybe the bigger problem is how controlling he is, the way he speaks to you, the way he manipulates you. You may not know what legal options you have.

Take the first step

I understand leaving someone who abuses you is incredibly hard. After your first consultation, you will have a better understanding of what your options are legally, and if you want, I will accompany you to start the court process immediately. I understand that getting court orders may be a good start, but they do not prevent your abuser from finding you. We will brainstorm different scenarios and ways for you, your children, and your pets to be safe and to have the resources you need to take care of yourself and those who rely on you.

Don’t wait, contact me today

Taking the first step to legal action against physical and emotional abuse is hard and scary. However, often staying with the current situation is even worse. Contact us today for help with your case.