Custody, Visitation and Child Support

Nothing is more terrifying than having a judge–a complete stranger–decide where your children will live and when you will get to see them. As a parent, I understand that raising children is exhausting, messy and that many things are beyond our control.

I also understand the joy that children bring and the fierce sense of love that will drive you to do just about anything to protect your children. I bring that passion to my custody cases and will guide you to a resolution of your custody matter.

Learning About Your Children

Before I can adequately prepare for a custody hearing, I must first fully understand your child(ren). It’s important to understand your child’s normal routine and how he or she reacts to change and transitions. I will ask careful questions about your child’s educational and health history such as:

  • What are your child’s strengths?
  • What areas of life does your child struggle with?
  • Does your child have special needs or an IEP?

Often, I refer my clients to highly skilled play therapists or counselors who can help a child during a difficult divorce or change in custody.

Listening to Your Concerns

The prospect of a custody battle can produce so much anxiety that you might not know where to start. I will help you carefully analyze your concerns about your spouse, your spouse’s new girlfriend or boyfriend and/or extended family. I will also discuss topics such as your spouse’s home setup, their parenting style, and any risk factors like drug or alcohol use, and mental health issues.

I will be there with you every step of the way and help you process the fear that can accompany a custody battle. Perhaps you fear the impact it will have on your children or you’re dealing with anger toward your spouse. You might even feel disappointment and grief that your children will not grow up with the home life you hoped they would. I will be there to prepare and equip you to have conversations with your children about these issues – as well as teachers and counselors at their school.

Recognizing Impact on Family

I understand that custody and visitation cases also impact full, half, and step-siblings, grandparent relationships, and other family members, and that these relationships are very important. Any resolution of a custody matter should take into account siblings and any close ties a child has with another family member.

Failing to prioritize a close relationship between a child and another family member can have lasting emotional harm on a child. I also understand that sometimes grandparents, aunts, and uncles can take on the role of a parent, which is why we also represent other family members, besides just biological parents, in custody and visitation cases. Conversely, I will listen to any concerns about a family member you think could be a harmful presence in your child’s life.

Child Support

Children are expensive and every parent has a duty to help financially support their children. I will help you reach a fair child support resolution that takes into account daycare expenses, medical expenses, and extracurricular activities. I have helped clients prove that the other parent is unfairly refusing to work and have had courts impute income. I have also helped clients track down income documentation when the other parent has been secretive about their income.

Documentation to Gather

Prior to meeting, please gather relevant documentation, including:

  • Attendance records and report cards
  • IEP or other documentation of developmental delays or special learning needs
  • Documentation of any ongoing medical concerns
  • Records of any therapy or counseling your child has attended
  • Last two tax returns and supporting documentation

Client Testimonials 

“I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair Nanda Davis is! Nanda represented me in a custody case and will also for the divorce. The whole time she was always available and answered all my queries promptly. Nanda also kept me updated the whole time with progress of the case. Nanda genuinely cares for her clients and looks out for the best interest of the client! She built up my confidence and taught me how to stand my ground! Nanda is calm and compassionate in the office but a pistol in court. I can never thank her enough! I HIGHLY recommend!!!!”

“I fully recommend using her for your legal needs. She is both professional and dedicated to her case. She kept in constant contact with us and updating us frequently on the case. Anything we didn’t understand or know she was more than willing to explain to us. She worked very hard to win our case.”

“Thank you so much you are such a blessing to me and my family.”