The decision to separate from a spouse often causes conflicting emotions. You may feel hurt, anger, disbelief and grief. You may also feel hope that the life you will build after your divorce will be better. It’s important to understand and discuss your options before you separate with your spouse.

Before You Separate

If you think a divorce might be in your future, start exploring your rights and responsibilities. I can help you create a plan for how you will tell your spouse you want a divorce. We will discuss safety, who will stay in the marital home, how bills will be paid and most importantly, potential impacts on children. During this time, keep important documents, such as passports, birth certificates, social security cards and car titles in a safe place so that your spouse does not withhold them from you.

Guiding Clients Through the Divorce Process

I will help you form a realistic timeline of how to move from the decision to divorce, to either resolving or litigating issues that may arise during the divorce, to the final decree of divorce. I will explore your various options for resolving all issues related to divorce. I will encourage frequent contact during this time so we can stay apprised of all issues that may arise.

Building a Network of Support

I carefully cultivate relationships with professionals in the community to help my clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Divorce is a life changing event that will affect all aspects of your life and I make sure you will have the protection and support you need.

I have referred past clients to therapists, certified financial planners, accountants, early childhood education specialists, lactation consultants, vocational experts and other professionals in the area. When I have questions in a particular case, I reach out to these professionals so that we can better help serve clients.

Preparing For the Initial Consultation

When preparing for your initial consultation with me, write down important dates of incidents and events and make a list of questions you may have. In order to effectively represent you, you will need to disclose all important documents and financial information. It’s helpful to bring the following with you to your initial meeting:

  • Tax returns
  • Retirement documents and other financial information
  • Mortgage paperwork

Client Testimonial

“I want you to know how wonderful you have been through all of this. It may be your job to help us legally, but you don’t have to be the emotional support system you have been at times to my mother and for that, I’m grateful. Thank you so much for how gently you have handled her, and how knowledgeable you have been. This process has been a nightmare, but you’ve managed to make it easier. I just wanted to say thank you, in case you don’t hear it enough.”

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