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Dads Have Rights Too—Why Dads Should Hire A Female Roanoke Divorce Lawyer To Protect Their Child Custody Rights



Dads Have Rights Too—Why Dads Should Hire A Female Roanoke Divorce Lawyer To Protect Their Child Custody Rights

If you are a Roanoke dad going through a divorce, or who is fighting for custody of your children—there are several reasons you should seriously consider hiring a female Roanoke divorce attorney.

Too often dads give up without much effort, because they assume that the mother will automatically gain full-custody—and sometimes children are used as pawns between parents who are embroiled in a nasty divorce.

Regardless of your failed marriage or failed relationship with your ex-girlfriend—it is important to remember that dads have rights too. A failed romantic relationship certainly does not mean that you have failed as a father.

How A Female Divorce Attorney Can Help

There are many advantages to hiring a woman to represent you in your divorce or custody battle. The most significant being:

  • A Roanoke female divorce attorney can make you appear more sympathetic, which is of particular importance if your wife is claiming either abuse or neglect.
  • A female divorce attorney may also be able to more effectively cross examine your wife in court by being firm, but without coming across as hostile.
  • By hiring a female attorney, your ex will not be able to claim that you “hate women”, or that you and your lawyer are ganging up on her because she is a woman. In fact, hiring a woman will highlight your great respect for women, because you are putting your parental rights and child’s future in a woman’s hands.
  • A female divorce attorney may be more familiar with what you need to do right now to position yourself as the custodian who has your child’s best interests at heart.
  • A female divorce attorney will be able to spot the tricks and games the mother of your children may be employing. Some women try to manipulate men to get what they want and it takes a woman to spot the tricks of another woman.

If you are a dad seeking shared or full custody, you will need to come up to speed quickly on your child’s needs and daily routine. You must also factor in legal considerations, such as child support calculations and statutory factors that a judge will consider.

Divorced or not, your children need their dad. In many cases, they may be best served with equally shared custody, or being in your care full-time.

Contact Attorney Nanda Davis, a Roanoke female divorce attorney, today to begin discussing your rights.