Why Choose A Female Divorce Attorney In Roanoke, VA?

By Nanda Davis on
Why Choose A Female Divorce Attorney In Roanoke, VA?

If you are a woman who finds herself in need of a divorce attorney in the Roanoke area, you are facing a challenging time. While divorce is a legal matter, it is often complicated by powerful emotions. The factors below are just a few reasons to turn to a female divorce attorney to navigate the challenging road ahead.

Because You Will Feel More Comfortable Talking To A Woman

Regardless of what went wrong in your marriage, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable sharing the specifics with a woman? Maybe you have simply grown apart, but there could be more complex reasons, such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Differences in child-rearing
  • Differing religions believes
  • Financial challenges
  • Another man in your life
  • Another woman in his life

All these matters are sensitive and you must feel comfortable exploring the pertinent details with your attorney. This means you need someone who won’t judge you, who won’t laugh at you, and who understands that your reasons for divorce are deeply personal.

Because A Female Attorney Can Take Her Ego Out Of The Situation, And Keep Her Eye On The Goal

Too often, male attorneys feel they have something to prove to opposing counsel or the judge. Although well-intentioned, they sometimes get caught up in posturing, and one-up-man-ship. While this approach is successful in many legal proceedings, it has no place in your divorce proceedings.  A female attorney’s ego will not play a role in her methods of communication. She will keep her eye on the goal—which is what is best for you.

Because A Woman Will Be A Better Listener And More Responsive To Your Needs

By nature, men are “fixers.” When they hear a problem, most men instantly begin processing a  list of solutions. In fact, they are sometimes so confident in their solution, they don’t fully hear all you have to share. While this may work well for some legal strategies and tactics—your divorce is a highly personal matter that must be tended to with great attention to detail. This includes your need to have an excellent listener when you need to vent throughout the proceedings.

Because A Female Attorney Will Put Your Children First

If you have children, you know that the number one concern, as you navigate divorce, is your children. This is why you need a female attorney who will prioritize your children—and fight for them just as she is fighting for you.

Because You Don’t Want To Argue With A Woman

Ask any man about the last time he tried to argue with a woman, and watch while he shudders. Women fight with our intelligence and instinct. We are excellent multi-taskers, and process information quickly. What this means for you is that you will have a persistent female litigator at your side—who won’t give up, who won’t back down, and who will stand by your side as you face your divorce.

If you are a woman facing divorce in the Roanoke area, give the skilled and compassionate Roanoke attorney Nanda Davis a call today.