Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault

Whether you are accused of sexual assault, or the victim of sexual assault on a college campus, Title IX investigations can be terrifying and overwhelming.  It can feel as if your entire future depends on the outcome of the investigation. 

I offer full service representation of students involved in Title IX investigations on college campuses.  I represent both those accused of sexual misconduct, as well as victims of sexual misconduct. 

The types of cases I handle include:

  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Too intoxicated to consent
  • Date rape
  • Sexual harassment
  • Dating violence
  • Sex that is forced or coerced
  • Failure to give consent
  • Withdrawal of consent

I represent students at all stages of the campus proceedings, as well as related civil and criminal proceedings in state court.  Specifically I represent students in: 

  • Title IX and campus misconduct investigations, hearings, and appeals
  • Emergency protective orders, preliminary protective orders, and protective orders in state court
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal charges brought by the Commonwealth’s Attorney in state court

If You Are a Student or a Parent of a Student Accused of Sexual Assault or Sexual Misconduct

Enormous Consequences: Nothing is more terrifying than finding out that you or your college aged child has been accused of sexual assault.  Having a finding of sexual assault may lead to suspension, expulsion, and often transferring to a different school is not an option.  These findings can also affect grad school applications, or the ability to pursue certain professions.  If the charge is serious enough, there may be protective orders and criminal charges. 

Hire a Lawyer Early: It is important that the accused student hire a lawyer as soon as possible.  The longer the investigation has been underway before an attorney becomes involved, the harder it is for your attorney to turn around an investigation that is going badly.

What If You Believe You Have Done Nothing Wrong? In some cases, the accusations are a complete surprise and the accused student’s experience does not match up with the accusations whatsoever. Sometimes the accused student justifiably thought there was consent.  Sometimes accusations are completely false. Students who feel strongly they have done nothing wrong often feel that their problems will go away if they could just talk to the person accusing them, or if they are completely open with campus investigators. Sometimes these students feel that bringing in a lawyer will make things worse. In fact the opposite is true.  Many students who try to solve the problem without a lawyer guiding them through the process inadvertently find themselves facing bigger consequences on campus, and in state courts, regardless of their innocence. Having a lawyer does not make things worse; having a lawyer is the only way to protect your future. 

If You are the Victim of Campus Sexual Assault

Going through a sexual assault is tough enough.  Having to face campus investigators, police, and defense attorneys can force you to relive your terrifying experience all over again, and can make you feel powerless.  Having an attorney with you can make all the difference.  I work with victims to understand what it is that they truly want out of the process, so that they can once again feel in control of what happens next.  Failing to deal with a sexual assault can lead to poor grades, dropping out of school, and the constant fear that something like this may happen again.  School administrators and police are not victim advocates, and it is important to have someone with legal expertise on your side to help you fully understand your options and what comes next.

Services I Offer All Students and Their Families

I work one on one with students to fully understand the details of the accusation.  I help students feel at ease when discussing personal and sexual matters and approach all interviews without judgment. It is important that you find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable.  I also make sure I get all the possible documentation and evidence that is available.  Once I fully understand the situation, I help students find a way to tell their story in a way that is compelling.  I understand that parents are often confused by the process as well, and, with the client/student’s permission, I work to reassure and keep parents informed about the process.   Parents and students are often surprised how much leeway colleges have in setting up Title IX procedures and I make sure that I know what the most current procedures are at the institutes of my clients.

Colleges and Universities I Will Go To

Roanoke College, Hollins, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee, Virginia Military Institute (VMI)

If you do not see your college or university on this list, please call my office to inquire about your institution today.