Should You Stay, Or Should You Go?—Father’s Rights Matter Too

By Nanda Davis on
Should You Stay, Or Should You Go?—Father’s Rights Matter Too

Do you know that your marriage is over but you are staying with your wife because you are afraid you will never see your children again if you get a divorce? If so, then you are not alone.

There has been much progress when it comes to providing women with equal rights at both home and work, but this concept works both ways—meaning that as a responsible parent, that father’s going through a divorce that requires legal representation of a Roanoke attorney who understands the importance of father’s custodial rights.

Child Custody—Is No Longer Automatically Granted To The Mother

Don’t settle for a lawyer who says you have no chance of getting the visitation or custody that you know is in your children’s best interest. Nowadays, dads are taking a more active role in bringing up their infants, toddlers, and teenagers—and custody agreements are starting to reflect that.

The shared and split custody arrangements, which were once a rarity—are becoming more common—and Virginia courts now acknowledge that sometimes it is in the child’s best interest to be with their father full-time. If not full time, they understand that every other weekend is far too sparse.

Why You Should Hire A Female Divorce And Child Custody Attorney

Father’s going through a divorce not only have the general challenges associated with divorce—but the heartache associated with the fear of their child becoming a pawn in their failed marriage.

This is precisely why you need to hire a lawyer who will not go into court with a defeatist attitude, believing that mothers should or will always get full custody. You need a lawyer who will think creatively, who will negotiate zealously for you to have more time with your children—and who isn’t afraid of a battle in the courtroom if needed.

Staying In An Unhealthy Marriage Is Not Good For Your Children

Before you stay in a marriage that is ruining your health and happiness out of concern for your children, consult a female Roanoke divorce attorney about what your options are. Children see that you are unhappy and unhealthy, and your discord will soon trickle throughout the family home.

A good divorce attorney will educate you about all of the factors the judge will consider when awarding custody and determining child support. She will also share what you need to do right now in order to put yourself in a stronger position to seek custody. To put yourself in a stronger position to be awarded full or partial custody, and ensure you have the quality time you and your children both deserve—you must take a proactive approach by:

  • Going to all parent teacher conferences and knowing what grades your children are getting in school
  • Going to doctors’ appointments and knowing what medications the children are taking
  • Knowing your children’s schedules, going to their games and driving them to and from extracurricular activities
  • Considering whether your children would have to change schools if you are awarded full custody
  • Considering whether your work schedule allows you to have plenty of time with your children, and who would provide childcare for your children when you are at work
  • Always speaking positively about your children’s mother in front of the children
  • Providing emotional support to your children during this difficult transition time and getting counseling for them if appropriate

Consult a female Roanoke divorce attorney today to speak about the specifics of your case and to explore your many options. Nanda Davis of The Davis Law Practice can be reached at 540.400.6889.