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Custody And Visitation

As a mom myself, I understand that the stakes do not get any higher than a contested custody case because at the end of the case, the judge will decide where your child or children will call home. A custody case is a fight, and the right lawyer will prepare you to testify, gather the resources for appropriate exhibits, and talk to all necessary witnesses. Waiting to see how the first court appearance goes before hiring a custody lawyer is a mistake, because by then a detrimental court order could already be in place.

Each custody case is unique, and I prepare my clients to play up the strengths of their positions and I identify and minimize weaknesses. I help my clients prepare for their court appearances months in advance of court, and handle crises that occur while we wait for court.

Child Support

Virginia Law has clear and specific guidelines regarding how child support must be calculated. Whether you are unsure of how much child support you owe or are due directly after a separation, need to modify your current child support payments, or have a former spouse or partner who is not currently paying their child support – I will help you to navigate Virginia’s child support laws.

Things my clients are saying about me:

I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair Nanda Davis is! Nanda represented me in a custody case and will also for the divorce. The whole time she was always available and answered all my queries promptly. Nanda also kept me updated the whole time with progress of the case. Nanda genuinely cares for her clients and looks out for the best interest of the client! She built up my confidence and taught me how to stand my ground! Nanda is calm and compassionate in the office but a pistol in court. I can never thank her enough! I HIGHLY recommend!!!!

I fully recommend using her for your legal needs. She is both professional and dedicated to her case.She kept in constant contact with us and updating us frequently on the case. Anything we didn’t understand or know she was more than willing to explain to us. She worked very hard to win our case.

Thank you so much you are such a blessing to me and my family