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DUI Lawyer

A drunk driving conviction will remain on your criminal record permanently and damage various parts of your life. Contact skillful DUI Lawyer Nanda Davis to fight in your defense.

Understanding The Consequences of a DUI

Many people don’t realize that getting convicted of a DUI can have major impacts on your life. Some of these immediate and long-term repercussions you may face include:

  • Ticket and Fines
  • Jail Time
  • Suspended License
  • Loss of Job/Career
  • Unaffordable Insurance
  • Ignition Interlock
  • Criminal Record
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol classes

Having a Roanoke DUI lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of the law will help to minimize the impact of these consequences as well as help you regain your life.

Factors that may increase drunk driving penalties:

  • Elevated BAC
  • If you have a previous conviction within five or ten years
  • If you refuse the breathalyzer

How a Roanoke DUI lawyer can help you fight back

Schedule a consultation with attorney Nanda Davis today to see what defenses you may have in your case. Your lawyer will explore with you whether there was reason for the officer to pull you over in the first place. She will also discuss whether your field sobriety tests were administered properly. Finally, your lawyer can help you explore whether the breathalyzer test or blood draw was administered properly.

Minimizing the Consequences you will face

While no outcome can be guaranteed and results depend on the specific facts in your case, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain. It is also important to hire a lawyer who is not afraid to take a case to trial and to cross examine the police officers. Even in the most serious cases, something can usually be done to get you a better outcome, whether it’s minimizing jail time, or getting a restricted license. Your outcome will depend on the specific facts of your case, which is why it is important to contact a lawyer today to find out what can be done in your particular case.

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